With business partner Donna Mills ('The Caller') -  at President Clinton's 50th Birthday Party - 1996
With San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown - invited guest at Presidential Inaugural Ball, Washington, D.C. - 1997
With Los Angeles Republican Mayor Richard Riordan - at City Hall to honor former Democratic Mayor Tom Bradley on his 80th birthday - 1998
With O J Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro in the 'green room' of 'Politically Incorrect' - about to introduce him to series host Bill Maher - 1999
With Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu - invited guest at U.S. launch of Desmond Tutu Peace Trust - 1999
invited guest - White House Briefing Room - 2000
With Vice President Al Gore - at fundraiser congratulating him on his Presidential campaign nomination - 2000
With President Clinton - co-organizer and event planning committee member for Los Angeles fundraiser - 2000
With California Governor Gray Davis at same event
With Paramount Studios chairman Sherry Lansing - co-hosting reception in her backyard for Maryland Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend -2000
Celebrating membership in Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Emmy Awards telecast - 2001
Celebrating Ed Begley, Jr.'s birthday party - with Kevin Nealon, Jeff Goldblum, and friend - 2003
With Tom Hanks and acclaimed songwriter/composer Howard McCray - Hollywood film premiere of Lady Killers  - 2004
With U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer - attending fundraiser at the home of actress Catherine Bach - 2004
With Hillary Clinton - co-organizer and event planning committee member for fundraiser at Hollywood estate of film director Roland Emmerich - 2005
Aboard Air Force One with former White House visiting chef - 2006
With Mayor and Governor of Shanghai and host - invited guest at MOU signing to establish new international medical research zone in China - 2006
With Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin - invited guest at his home to discuss new marketing & licensing opportunities - 2007
With Jane Goodall - invited guest/participant at Children Uniting Nations Conference - Washington, D.C. - 2007
Guest of NY World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein - at Twin Towers' original cornerstone to witness rebuilding of Ground Zero - 9/11 10th Anniversary 2011
With Madeleine Albright, former U.N. Ambassador and Secretary of State - Clinton Global Initiative conference - 2011
With longtime acquaintance and super lawyer Gloria Allred - California Women's Conference - 2012
Birthday present – aboard the F-18 Super Hornet – finest super carrier fighter jet in the world - 2012
With former President of India Dr. A P J Kalam - welcoming him to National Space Society gala dinner - 2013
At Royal Order of Constantine Dinner - being recommended for Knighthood - 2014
Attending Rady Children's Hospital charity benefit - 2015
With US House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi - 2 weeks before Election Day 2016
With Stedman Graham - Helping Him To Organize And Produce Youth Success Week - 2017
In Recording Studio - Contributing Tracks For About-To-Be-Grammy Nominated Song 'We Are One' - 2017
At Motion Picture Academy - All-Star Celebrity Tribute to Director Richard Donner - 2017
Book Launch Party - Helping My Lawyer To Achieve Best-Seller Status - 2017
With Descendants of California's Wealthiest Founding Families - Dedication of California's Birthplace - Presidio, San Diego - 2017

I head a strategic advisory service that has advised best-selling authors, mid-cap companies, non-profit organizations, millionaires, and billionaires about innovative strategies and solutions they can use to hyper-accelerate the growth and results they would like to achieve for themselves and their organizations.



I've stepped into roles as diverse as Co-CEO to Acting Executive Director to lead and manage businesses and non-profits' onsite teams to implement  my innovative strategies  – online and offline. Once engaged and working onsite with a client, I've created successful business and marketing plans, branding, licensing, promotional and public outreach strategies and solutions for them.  In select cases I've even created conferences and special events to connect my clients with their most prized prospects.  I've frequently unearthed and created new profit centers, made many millions of dollars for clients, and have recently been rewarded by being offered partnerships with and/or equity participation in a number of my clients' business interests, having been told I've consistently delivered "World Class Results." 


I've been told I have a unique ability to look at most any person, business, or non-profit and (much like a Rubik’s cube), instantly see the most efficient ways to market one's wares, reduce costs, achieve the greatest yields, in the quickest time frames.  Hence, I've been referred to as a "World Class Problem Solver."


Those who know me best tell me I come with the additional "value add" of frequently having been able to connect them with those they have wanted to meet, to forge new strategic alliances with, have changed their lives for the better, and in some cases, have even helped them to fulfill their unique life's purpose; hence, I've also been called a "World Class Connector." 


As the son of struggling lower-middle-class parents who understands what it means to attempt to make ends meet, I've been privileged to go on to consistently attract excellence into my life, and have since connected with over 55 billionaires, the President of the United States, U.S. Vice-President, heads of state, prime ministers, governors, mayors, and 15 Nobel Laureates (inclusive of 9 Nobel Peace Prize Winners.)


I've additionally been honored to have been personally introduced to Pulitzer Prize winning authors, Academy Award-winning actors, directors, producers, sports legends, leading artists, inventors, explorers, and business moguls. In 1995, I attended a trade show where I bumped into, hit it off with, and exchanged business cards with the CEO of a tiny little-known start-up called Yahoo!; a year later, I attended a business luncheon, where I sat down and struck up an equally friendly conversation with a relatively unknown CEO named Steve Case who went on to discuss with me plans for his fledgling new company called AOL.


I've since been privileged to  be invited to breakfast with the man responsible for capturing Che Guevara, lunch with a consultant who's worked inside Area 51, and dinner with one of the first 50 people to help launch the Internet.


Most recently, I've been invited to speak to business, professional groups, and leading corporations throughout Southern California and the United States to share what I've discovered along the way; I enjoy watching everyone's reactions as I reveal a series of simple techniques that can help anyone to increase their problem-solving abilities, think more creatively, more abundantly, and connect more successfully with a vaster range of people across multiple fields.


…How can I help you today?


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