"World's Greatest Connector.” inscription from the book “Entrepreneur's Guide To The Galaxy” by author Neil Senturia, CEO Blackbird Ventures: http://blackbirdv.com/about-us/


“In my experience with Neal Sperling, he is a world class connector….a giver of the first order…and that is why I like him so much. And you can quote me on that .” Robert Allen, CEO, International best-selling author of “Nothing Down” and 5 New York Times best-sellers:  https://www.robertgallen.com/about-robert-g-allen


"Neal, thank you for your kindness, consideration, and generosity of spirit.  I am very appreciative of your attitude and of your willingness to be helpful to the family.  The world needs more populations possessed with your spirit…When you get to NY I hope you will call….We guarantee a weather protected tour of Ground Zero which will give you a better understanding of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. Enormous progress has been made on rebuilding at the site and I can only suggest that you would enjoy a tour in our weather-protected marketing center. Let me know and I will set it up for you.  Appreciate your very kind thoughts and look forward to seeing you in NY. Have a fulfilling and joyous New Year."   Larry A. Silverstein, owner New York World Trade Center; Founder, Silverstein Properties  https://www.silversteinproperties.com/commercial-real-estate-media/News/15-years-after-911-larry-silverstein-finally-recreated-wtc


"While not on the original agenda for the 'Power of Networking and Relationships' panel, Neal Sperling stole the show at Tech Biz Connection's 100th event! No one else may ever be remembered, and I actually know two of the other panelists! Neal was inspirational, and I hope that others have already followed his wisdom…Thank you (to all there) for allowing Neal to 'talk long.'" Jack Bicer, Father of the "uninstall" software program; Founder and President, Tech Biz Connection:  https://www.prlog.org/11899186-techbiz-connection-sponsors-forum-on-power-of-networking-and-relationships.html


"You were the finest speaker we have ever had.  And you are the most interesting person I have ever met."  Andrew Tomlinson, Past President, San Diego Chapter, Cufflinks:  http://www.cufflinksevents.com


"…I can see how you're the world connector!  I got a lot of insights from your (TEDx San Diego ) Talk that I am putting into practice in my own relationships — thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!"  Shivani Singh, CEO of Dharma Express — recipient of numerous scientific awards; has worked with Nobel Prize Laureates at NASA, JPL, Boeing, UC San Diego, and the United Nations in renewable energy and policy:  http://www.dharmaexpress.com/team/


"Wow, Neal, I love your work!  I just got back from China last night and had a chance to read your TEDx speech today.  Very impressive.  So what's next for you?"  Jeff Hoffman, Founder & CEO, Priceline.com  http://www.jeffhoffman.com


"Thank you for gracing our Vancouver stage with your brilliance Neal."  Colin Sprake, Founder & CEO,  Canada's #1 Leading Business Conference & Event Planning Company  http://www.mymsuccess.com


"Glad (I could recommend you) to join the C-Suite Network of Advisors' Thought Summit in New York City.  You're a rock star."  Michael Ambrosino, Founder & CEO http://www.epicimpact.com


"I am so pleased that I took advantage of your Mastermind today.  It was one of the better investments I've made…You listened, assessed, and focused on the exact issues that needed tweaking. Not only were you encouraging but your advice gave me confidence to surge ahead and be authentically myself to people of all levels in the business world.  I took copious notes and have already reached out to people you recommended.  Thank you so very much for guiding me up the appropriate stepping stones to a system that will work so well for me.  Thank you, Neal, for your great advice…generosity…introductions…time…and your genius today."  Joanne Marlowe, Founder and CEO   http://www.systemsforengagingteams.com


"Thank you so much for all of your Mastermind ideas.   Now I have work to do."  The Hon. Mobina Jaffer, acclaimed multi-term Senator for British Columbia, Canada  http://www.mobinajaffer.ca/biography


"Neal, you are incredible…a revolutionary thinker…the Einstein and Edison of our time…absolutely brilliant…without question!!  One of my primary questions for years now has been 'how can we create an economy that is truly sustainable?'  You have answered that question for me and my business plan…THANK YOU DEAR NEAL."  Leesa Hubbard, Founder & CEO, The Heroes' Economy http://www.facebook.com/Heroconomy/


“With regard to your abilities to connect clients online, as well,  thanks to your key word research, writing, editing skills, and valued feedback, our company increased its number of mentions in Google by a factor of over ten times, from 1,870 mentions with our initial December 2011 press release distributed through MarketWire, to 19,500 mentions achieved through your May 2012 p.r. and marketing services. Thanks, Neal." David Larson, former CFO True Diagnostics:  www.truediagnostics.com


“Wow Neal…you do have it wired! You are something else when it comes to marketing! This is terrific and the numbers speak for themselves. What a great service for business owners who need to be out there in the "new marketing" world. You are truly the Mr. Network Gentleman!” Sue Malone, Founder & CEO Strategies For Small Business. #1 most prolific SBA lender in the country (has funded over 41,000 small business loans)  http://www.strategiesforsmallbusiness.com/


"I have known Neal for over 15 years… his creative genius was apparent from the beginning. I haven't had a boss in over 50 years, but if I ever had to choose one I had to work for, it would be Neal. My friends enjoy him for many reasons. The greatest joy has been his constant loyalty to friends and clients, his unyielding integrity, and his relentless follow through and devotion to any project he has become a part of. Anyone who doesn't have a Neal Sperling in their life is missing a great blessing." Doris Wood, Founder and Chairman of the Board, world's largest organization of network marketing corporations, suppliers, and individuals: http://www.mlmia.com/mlmia/founders


"Neal Sperling ia one of my most trusted friends, and he is also one of my most powerful friends in the world….he is more than capable of putting together a major project from concept to completion…Neal, you are so brilliant!!!…you are a also man of great integrity and a great friend…in the words of Confucious, you are a 'true gentleman.' This title is held in very high regard in China." Howard McCrary, Grammy-nominated songwriter, composer, humanitarian who has worked with such music legends as Earth, Wind, & Fire, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Gladys Knight and Diana Ross. Watch here as he connects with one million children who gathered from around the world to honor him and perform his recent opus, "Change the World": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI99G7_AQ2Y&feature=related See Also: http://howardmccrary.com/apps/photos


“You always were And Alway ARE 'right on time' every time…You are such a shining star, dear Neal, the world needs more like you…I am blessed to know you and call you my friend.” LuAn Mitchell, former Chairman of the Board, Mitchell's Gourmet Foods; turned her bankrupt food company around in 2 1/2 years to produce $500 million in annual sales. Named Canada's #1 female entrepreneur 3 years in a row:  http://theluanmitchell.com


“…You have been a great friend, a man of honor, and an honorable man; you have always tried to support those in need as well as those that have aspirations to grow and succeed. Through your relationships with many world leaders in their fields I am excited to see how you have and will continue to make a difference in the world.” Marvin Epstein, former senior investment advisor; current Executive V.P. of Business Development and Global Philanthropy: http://thekarmafoundation.com/about/board-of-directors/marvin-epstein/